Mad Dog Tower (5MT181)

Mad Dog Tower is a Pueblo III site located in the central Mesa Verde region in southwestern Colorado. The max. height of the tower is 3.2 m above the modern ground surface. It might have been a part of a communication/signaling system within a larger community of allied sites (so-called Castle Rock Pueblo community). The site was investigated by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in 1988 and in 2011-2014 by the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow (in cooperation with the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, US Bureau of Land Management, CO). Project is directed by Radoslaw Palonka, Ph.D.

Data processing and visualization: Boleslaw Zych, Bogumil Pilarski; photographing: Michal Znamirowski, Robert Slabonski; drawings M. Sobas, M. Piwko, and I. Jurkiewicz; scanner equipment (FARO Scene) rented from Archeo Explorers Wieslaw Koszkul company (Krakow, Poland).

3D Model


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